Step out of the shadows and into the light! Danielle has transformed her once unfulfilled, gloomy past into a bright shining beacon of love and happiness. In 2012, overweight and titter-tottering on the verge of a serious depression, Dee decided to take up yoga in the hopes of distracting herself from her current state of being, but what she discovered was something much more profound. 

Instead of running or avoiding pain, she gained the courage to turn and face that which feared her most: her Self. As her practice evolved, she could feel her heart open, her mind become more aware, her body become stronger, and her spirit soar to new depths of existence.


Danielle is current owner of YogaGypsy and has completed her 500-hour teacher certification. She has a degree for the University of Arkansas, with double majors in Criminal Justice and Sociology, and minors in Spanish and Social Work. With almost a decade of practice and teaching under her belt, she is able to guide you safely on your mat, while challenging you to step outside your comfort zone! 


When she is not on her mat or in the studio, you can find her outside hiking around in the woods on her 10-acre farm, in her kayak, or spending time with her daughter and family. Danielle admits that her strong connection to nature, paired with regular yoga practice is the reason why she is here today to share this beautiful practice with the rest of the world!

Danielle (Dee)


Certified 500RYT, Retreat Leader, Yoga Gypsy Owner

(479) 721-7645

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Certified 200RYT

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Kerstin began her yoga journey over 10 years ago and immediately fell in love with the physical practice. As with anything, the practice came and went over the years as life and distractions got in the way. Most recently, Kerstin found a renewed appreciation for the physical and spiritual yoga practice and became 200RYT certified at Yoga Gypsy. This was a great reminder that, regardless of what is going on in life, yoga is always there to welcome you back!


Dealing with daily stresses of a corporate job and busy life, Kerstin has found that your yoga practice is there to help you through the hard things – as long as you just breathe.


When Kerstin is not teaching yoga, she is busy snuggling her pets, biking or scuba diving with her husband. She is excited to share the yoga space with you and help you grow in your practice. All you have to do is come as you are!




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Certified 200RYT

Growing up, Karlee was never know as the "athletic type." She tried variations of workouts to realize none fit her just right, until she attended her first yoga class in 2014. What started out as a "fun workout" soon became a spiritual, mindful practice. Her practice evolved into one of feeling connected deeply to the Spirit within herself. 


She started the journey of completing her yoga certification in January 2017 under Teri Honeysuckle & received her 200HR certification in May 2017. This experience has changed her life forever! Her class will leave you feeling refreshed & free. Her energetic teaching style will pump you up in mind & spirit! You'll be challenged to take what you learn on your mat to the real world, to help you grow in ways you've never experienced before. Karlee will lead you into a space of getting out of your mind & into the present moment in what she calls "practicing the present." When not on her mat, you can find her working on a hand embroidery project & hanging out with her husband & beloved pup, Lexi. 




Certified 200RYT

Big thank you, hugs, and love to all that have supported me and continue to support me on this new journey of my life. I started yoga a little over five years ago. I was out of shape, stressed out, and a little lost spiritually. My job was killing me and my only child had just left for college. That was when I wandered into my first yoga studio.

Early on yoga had answers to questions I didn’t know I had yet.

I was very fortunate to meet my first mentor in the yoga community! 


It took me over 2 years of practice before I let go and took RYT training. I had no clue if I would ever teach yoga but I felt I needed to go to that next step. Teacher training was up there in the top 5 hardest and the most rewarding things I’ve ever done for myself.

I have never regretted any of it!

Yoga Gypsy | Erin Calnan



Certified 200RYT

Hello beautiful beings! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to spread the healing of yoga through mind-body-spirit connection. I began my journey with yoga back in early 2016 and fell in love with the practice immediately. I just recently completed my 200 YTT with Yoga Gypsy, here in Northwest, AR.

Yoga transformed my life in the best way possible and continues to do so each and every day, moment by moment, breathe by breathe. I have been in dark spaces in life and this practice has been my saving grace, and lit the path to the journey within-- and that is what I wish to share with the world. Healing, love, and light. Come as you are and together let's shift into a higher perspective, coming into our bodies, and into our hearts.

Looking forward to connecting and sharing space with you all. Namaste.


Kiersten Garibaldi

Certified 200RYT

I began my yoga journey when my youngest was in preschool. I was looking for a new exercise routine to get back in shape. After 10 years of gym yoga, I found YogaGypsy and my life (and yoga practice) has not been the same since. The teachers there had something that I craved. I took the leap of faith and completed my 200 hours in 2019 with no intention of teaching yoga. A huge road block for me was the thinking that my hips aren’t flexible enough and I can’t do all those fancy poses. When I changed my mindset to: I am good enough right now, I felt the push to share my love of yoga with others. Yoga for me became a balance of mental and physical flexibility. 

As a new retired stay at home mom, I get to continue to extend my caregiving to beginner students and guide them in a Vinyasa flow class. 

My class is for everyone, and every level. We are all beginners in some way. Class starts  with a gentle  warm up and moves to general standing poses with time to feel each pose in your body. Class ends with floor stretching and a longer savasana. I like to place a physical challenge in there somewhere to not only stretch the students body but their mind as well. So instead of I can’t do it, at least they can try. We laugh a lot....maybe break down walls to start to love ourselves more where we are today.