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Slow Flow is pure vinyasa (synchronizing breath with movement, literally translates to "flow"). The teacher will guide you through basic poses coordinated with the timing of your breath. This class is GREAT FOR BEGINNERS, as well as a practitioner of any level. The intensity level is medium to low.


Power Flow classes will challenge and inspire you.  We will breathe and move together through Sun Salutations, standing balance poses, twists, back bends and inversions.

Long, Slow, Deep (LSD)

Long holds, Slow breath & Deep stretches! LSD mainly focuses on opening shoulders, hips and lengthening hamstrings.  The room is warm and all postures are either lying down or seated -- GREAT FOR BEGINNERS & all experience levels. The class will end with a guided relaxation so you leave feeling super zen!

Revival Flow

Revival means to improve the condition or strength of something. Recharge your internal battery with a mid-week vinyasa flow. Explore playful postures on your yoga mat to awaken your inner child. Each week will focus upon a different theme.  This class will invigorate your inner sense of playfulness. Come with an open mind & positive attitude because you may just surprise yourself. This is an all levels class!

Fluid + Focus

This is a beginner-friendly class!

A perfect end to your workweek. De-stress by focusing on relaxation & fluid concentration upon your Self. Breath, body movement & alignment are the key elements in this fluid class. In this class, you will be guided through asana (poses) and learn how to link your movement with your breath. Open your mind & body to allow more oxygen to enter into your lungs as you flow through gentle twists and poses designed to strengthen the mind-body connection. 


Take a break from your work day! Step into our beautiful studio to escape the 5-9 work grind. Join us for a gentle vinyasa flow, followed by a relaxing meditation or restorative yoga. Treat yourself to a mid-day break! 


NO Heat. 45 minute flow. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!