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We are a CASH DISCOUNT studio!

We offer a discount (save 8 - 10%) to any client who pays for their packages and services in-studio. 

This includes credit card purchases made in-studio too!

We offer a significant discount for ANY in-studio packages purchased ON-SITE at our beautiful studio.


We will still use MindBody for all scheduling services & membership contracts on auto-draft, but are moving away from using that as our main payment processor!

You can always sign up for class to reserve your spot, and pay in person upon arrival to receive discounted price. 

Please call Dee at 479-721-7645 with any questions!



Any class, any time. 

$15 in-studio

$16 online


(Expires in one week) 

$24 in-studio

$26 online


(Expires after 3 months)

$60 in-studio

$65 online


(Expires after 6 months)

$100 in-studio

$110 online


Come as often as you like with no further obligations.

$125 in-studio

$135 online



For new students only!

Come as much as you can in 30 consecutive days.


The perfect way to try out different instructors & classes.

Offer expires after your first visit, so be sure to take advantage of this incredible deal! 

$45 in-studio

$49 online

All contracted memberships listed below require a credit card on file via MindBody account. Payments will be made via auto-draft on the same day of purchase each month until the duration of commitment at the listed price below. 


6-month commitment.

Auto-draft required.

$95 / MONTH


12-month commitment.

Auto-draft requited.

$82 / MONTH


For families or same household. Proof of residence required.

12-month contract.

$140 / MONTH

(two person membership)


Class Schedules

Class Descriptions
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Class Descriptions

Slow Flow

Slow Flow is pure vinyasa (synchronizing breath with movement, literally translates to "flow"). You'll be guided through basic poses coordinated with the timing of your breath.


This class is GREAT FOR BEGINNERS, as well as a practitioner of any level.

Intensity level is medium to low.

Long Slow Deep (LSD)

Long holds, Slow breath & Deep stretches! LSD mainly focuses on opening shoulders, hips and lengthening hamstrings.  The room is warm and all postures are mostly lying down or seated. The class will end with a guided relaxation so you leave feeling super zen!


GREAT FOR BEGINNERS & all experience levels.

Intensity level is low.

Morning Flow

Morning Flow is perfect for all levels! Experienced/ regular practitioners are encouraged to attend, as well as beginners. Whether you are needing to slow down to relax & restore, or amp up the intensity to work your mind & body -- show up and we will teach to the masses! 

Intensity level will vary. 

Power Flow

Power Flow classes will challenge and inspire you!  We will breathe and move together through Sun Salutations, standing balance poses, twists, back bends and inversions.

The intensity level is high.

Revival Flow

Begins with a longer grounding sequence, paired with pranayama (breathing), and a strong vinyasa flow in the middle. Class always ends with an extended guided meditation (10-12 minutes). A great way to recharge your internal battery mid-week!! 


Perfect for all experience levels.

Intensity is medium.

Lunch Flow

50 minute all levels vinyasa flow.

Class is varied each time, depending on attendance. We teach to the energy of the group. Take a break with the gypsies!

Intensity level will vary.

*heat optional*

Vital Flow

Vital conveys energy, life force & vitality. Move for 20-minutes, getting heart rate up with balance and twists. Class ends with breath-work & meditation.

Intensity level is med - low.

Flow & Unwind

This class is a cross between a Slow Flow and Long Slow Deep. Start with gentle movement to warm the body. End with deep stretches, opening hips & shoulders.

Intensity level is low.

Yoga 101

A class dedicated to all our beginner yogis! Whether you are brand new or looking to get back to basics and explore the foundation of alignment in your body - this is a great place to come learn in a slower paced environment with like-minded students! Come with questions, leave with peace of mind.

Intensity level is medium.

FUN Flow

Come experience the all new dynamic Friday Fun Flow! Let the week's tension and stress dissolve as we explore playful variations of traditional poses. This class will encourage creativity and self exploration, as well as energize the body and mind with moments of challenge and ease. Class concludes with a guided meditation, leaving you refreshed and energized for the weekend! 


Intensity level will vary. 

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