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It’s called yoga practice, not yoga perfect.

Welcome to Yoga Gypsy!


If you are new to yoga, or if you have practiced for years, you are welcome in any class. YogaGypsy has a small group of passionate and knowledgeable teachers that would love to meet you!


YogaGypsy opened in Springdale, Arkansas on September 7, 2013 as a heated vinyasa studio... better known as hot yoga!


Our "Yoga"


"Vinyasa" means flow. The sequence of yoga postures you will practice during our classes will flow together seamlessly in connection with your breath and body. We practice Vinyasa in a hot yoga studio environment, which means the studio will be between 80 & 90 degrees for most classes. Unique Infrared heaters bring the temperature up with a type of heat that is gentle...not the usual hot, dry, blowing air drying out your skin and sinus.


Hot Yoga Benefits


Practicing yoga in a heated room has similar effects to sitting in a sauna. The heat increases pulse rate and metabolism, allowing your blood vessels to become more flexible. This allows our circulatory systems to flow with greater ease, while increasing blood flow to the limbs. The warmth that is created in the muscles allows your body to move more freely from posture to posture.


In addition, a body that is warmed up can twist, bend, and stretch further, which allows for an internal organ massage. All inner glands, organs, ligaments and muscles will benefit.

Tools For Liberation


Beyond the physical benefits of practicing yoga, YogaGypsy will provide you will the tools necessary for finding personal liberation. Learn how to free yourself from suffering and inner turmoil, pain, and conflict. Our teachers will inspire change and guide you on your quest to inner peace and freedom… Your yoga mat is the doorway to freedom and authenticity!


“Recognize everything that you are, and all that you have yet to become.”

~Danielle (Dee) Schillinger, Lead Gypsy & Owner of YogaGypsy Studio


Come with what you have, it’s enough.

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