• Teri Honeysuckle

"Quixotic": The real reason people won't practice yoga

Quixotic is a new word I learned today. I love the way it sounds, like ‘exotic’ but with ‘quick’ at the beginning.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone gave me a reason they can’t start a yoga practice. It’s usually based on some pose they think they can’t do, an ideal body type they think is necessary, or some romanticized stereotype of what it means to be a yogi and feel they aren’t that.

That’s what quixotic means:

"Something that is romantic and unrealistic, or possessed by almost impossible hopes"

The truth is, your practice is already perfect. It’s perfect even before you begin. When you let go of agenda, expectations, and judgments about yourself and the practice you walk onto your mat with perfection and on equal ground with every other human being in the room.

Your reasons are only excuses. You don’t practice yoga because you don’t want to practice yoga, and that is just fine! So next time it comes up, say ‘I don’t want to practice yoga’ instead of “I’m not flexible, skinny, granola-ie, enough.”

It’s totally okay to not want to practice yoga. But if you change your mind, come to YogaGypsy because we already love you!

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