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Power Yoga Retreats is a business I share with my lovely, blonde friend, Krista. Right now, PYR retreaters are reading a New York Times Best Seller called “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero for discussion on our December yoga retreat at a luxurious home in Puerto Vallarta. The subtitle to the book is: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life.

I’m not sure who suggested we read this book, but I’m almost finished and I really like Jen Sincero’s plain-spoken empowerment manifesto. I feel pretty badass already…….I mean, my ‘job’ is to go to Puerto Vallarta with amazing women and discuss this awesome book, journal, practice yoga & meditation in a gorgeous hilltop home that overlooks the ocean with a five-star chef who prepares two delicious meals a day, buuuuut I’m certain there is room for my life to be even more badassier. Probably.

At the beginning of each chapter, Sincero uses a very apt quote from different folks and then describes the quoter with a few simple words. Example…At the beginning of Chapter 7, which is entitled ‘I Know You Are But What Am I?’, the quote is:

“I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb. I also know I’m not blonde.” ~ Dolly Parton; singer, songwriter, actress, altruist, businesswoman, bright shiny light

This got me thinking about what my quote would be….and of course the descriptions. I decided it would be one of the phrases that I wrote around the baseboards of my studio, YogaGypsy.

Everything is exactly perfect.” ~ Honeysuckle; writer, yoga teacher, head gypsy, lover of lightening & tacos

This phrase that I love to remind myself of, can bring up a lot of resistance. Especially, if it feels like our lives or the world around us isn’t what we would consider perfect. But, the idea is…’s not about us, or our feelings about how things are, or how we think they should be. It’s a statement about Reality.

So……I posted this phrase on Facebook and prepared for the mind kegels to begin. A sweet, dear, old friend commented regarding my quote:

“In retrospect, perhaps, but the moment can be overwhelming.”

In my friend’s comment, what I read is a reference to a past or possibly future event, real or imagined that is not currently in the present moment. I also hear the subtle judgement that the sensation of overwhelm is a bad thing, or something unpleasant that should be avoided. No part of the comment is about the is-ness of Reality. It’s all about mind stuff, which is where suffering is conceived, nourished and if left unchecked, will thrive. As for the sensation of overwhelm, it’s just that…..a sensation. Without the label of bad, wrong, or something to be avoided at all cost, it just is what it is……a neutral vibrational event. When we practice the habit of avoiding feelings because we think they are uncomfortable, what happens is that we end up protecting ourselves from feeling the most exuberant and joyful ones as well. As, Brene Brown said in her now famous TEDtalk, "...we can’t selectively numb."

Feelings aren’t problems….unless we think they are.

A mind problem cannot be solved with a mind solution. The mind wants to believe a problem is real so it will continue to have something to do. It’s goal above all others is to keep our ego identity in tact. Since we don’t have to run away from tigers to survive, our minds stay very busy all day trying to keep our ego identities alive and well. If we start to let go, it feels like part of us is dying.

That’s the reason we don’t do it until we are pretty miserable and desperately want to change our lives. Letting go of attachment to problems, suffering, and the like can present us with a scary, unwelcome spacious feeling in our guts. If we’ve never felt this spaciousness before, it may seem like emptiness.

Here’s some insider info…….. space isn’t empty. Never is nothing happening. The spaciousness we feel when we begin to let go of our attachment to ego-identity (a.k.a ‘problems’) is pregnant with a bazillion possibilities and perspectives and ideas. The spaciousness is creativity, imagination and intuition. In this spaciousness we can freely live, freely move and freely be. Free. Free of problems. Free of suffering. Free to rise above our problem-loving minds into the space where our hearts reside. Free to float up to love. All we have to do is let go……

Muchos Love & Freedom,


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