• Teri Honeysuckle

Freedom Beach

I just went on a wonderful adventure with my daughter to Spain. One of my favorite moments was to see her so happy on the beaches we visited. When we first stepped onto the sand of San Sebastian’s la Concha beach, her face changed. You know, being a European beach there were naked babies, many topless women and some completely nude men and women. We talked about how unselfconscious the people were and how free it felt to not consider what anyone thinks about your “bikini bod”. It just didn’t matter there. It never matters, unless we think it does.

Seeing the 80 year old women in groups of three or four using their canes to walk through the sand, nude sunbathing on the rocks and skinny dipping in the ocean was glorious to say the least. They were enjoying each other’s company and so were we.

In class today, we focused on that kind of unselfconsciousness. True Freedom. Watch the thoughts in your head? What kind of thoughts are they? Do your thoughts keep you firmly fastened to expectations of how you think you should be or look or behave? What would it feel like to let go of expectations or opinions of yourself? Is your self concept even worthy of your attention?

In a world where image is everything, what would happen if we all stopped bowing to the idol of how we think we ‘should’ be or look and just lived freely and unselfconsciously? Like children. Yoga is a practice of unlearning self-consciousness. Yoga helps us focus on our similarities rather than our differences. Yoga is a practice of Freedom. Be Free. Set others Free.

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