• Teri Honeysuckle

If you think you’re happy, are you?

“If you think you’re happy, are you?”

That’s a question I ask a lot. I look around at people and wonder, “Are they happy?”.

I know a woman who would say, “Yes, I’m happy.” But her body tells a different story. Her body has a problem regulating bathroom timing. It’s called IBS. I’ve known this woman a long time. I know how much she worries about everything. I know how fearful she is. I know how small her world is. How predictable it is. But, if I asked her, she would say she’s happy. Maybe she is.

I know a man who has a good job, hobbies, a nice house, plenty of money, a dog he loves and a really good friend. If I asked him if he was happy, he’d say yes, even though he constantly worries about getting sick and talks about how tired he is. Anything outside his normal routine causes him much stress and anxiety. But he would say he’s happy. Maybe he is.

On a recent road trip with my son, we passed a feedlot in Eastern Arizona or maybe it was New Mexico….

“Whoa! Look at all those cows!” he said

“Yeah. Those aren’t happy cows.” I replied

He questioned me, “Why not? How do you know?”

I said, “Because it’s a feedlot. Look how many of them are packed together with no space to move around. They are just waiting to die.”

“Well,” he said “they don’t know anything different. So, maybe they are happy.”

If you think you’re happy, are you?

Maybe happy isn’t a thinking thing. The mind makes up lots of thoughts. The life we live in our head isn’t reality, even though it screams loudly that it is. We have a tendency to believe our existence in all totality lies right behind our forehead and in between our ears. We forget that we exist in our body. Our body has a voice that is different than the voice in our head. We are connected to the Divine. Our souls have a voice, too. Our intuitive, imaginative, creative spirits want to lift us above our existence in the fears and complacencies of our minds.

Maybe happy isn’t a thinking thing. Maybe it’s a whole-being communication kind of thing. Maybe it’s when all parts of us are heard and nurtured. Maybe we either live in communion with all parts of ourselves or, we only think we are happy while we wait to die.

~ Love, Honeysuckle ~

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